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About Steve:

Seasoned Executive & Entrepreneur, helping startups for the last ten years build traction and optimize shareholder value.   From the largest to smallest of companies, he has the “roll-up your sleeves” mentality to bring Strategic Greatness from Tactical Approaches to the companies that can benefit the most.


  • MetroSplash
  • I2 Technologies / JDA
  • PrimeRevenue
  • Harbinger / Inovis / GXS
  • Texas Instruments

Core Competencies

  • Board, CEO, CFO,& COO experience
  • Finance, Accounting &Operations
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Financing & M&A
  • Enterprise Software & Mobile Tech
  • Angel, Venture & Private Equity in excess of $3B

About Barbara:

Silicon Valley Executive with tremendous M&A experience working with consumer and enterprise software businesses.   Experience with the global 1,000 to the seed-stage, she brings Strategic Thinking and board oversight to help businesses overcome obstacles. She is Chair of CEO Executive Council in Silicon Valley.


  • Canopy Corp
  • Cisco
  • I2 / JDA
  • Oracle
  • HP-Compaq

Core Competencies

  • Board, CEO, CFO,& COO experience
  • Sales, Marketing & Business Development
  • Customer Care
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Financing & M&A
  • Enterprise Software & Services
  • Strong Venture & Private Equity Syndication of $500M+

About John:

A “Change-Agent” involved in major startups  for over a 40+ year career, John helps companies and ventures reap the most from Strategic Planning, Market Development and Infrastructure Optimization.  He has enabled clearly structured growth campaigns to improve market position while critically assessing performance.


  • Canopy Corp
  • Medafor / CR Bard
  • C2 Associates Business Strategy & Development
  • Harbinger / Inovis / GXS
  • Texas Instruments

Core Competencies

  • CEO / Owner & Board Experience
  • Market Development
  • Military & Government
  • Healthcare Compliance
  • Strong M&A Experience

About Paul:

A self-made success story from the Courtroom/Bar to the Boardroom, Paul brings strategic tools to ensure optimal return to any investor base.   Strong investment background and Strategic Relationships within energy and healthcare, he spans the market through a broad investment portfolio.


  • Canopy Corp
  • ITI International
  • Medafor / CR Bard
  • Holley, Albertson & Polk

Core Competencies

  • CEO / Owner & Board Experience
  • Compliance & Logistics
  • Contracts & Litigation
  • Healthcare Compliance
  • Strong M&A Experience

*Here’s the scoop...

The Principal’s bring a healthy balanced mix of skills to help startups mitigate risk and optimize return through a blended application of expertise across various industries. It’s not just about the capital anymore.


By the Numbers

100 plus years experience
Investments to Date
Current Projects
Average Investment

1. Capital Investment

Taking on the right investment is critical to any business looking to grow exponentially and gain traction in the market. It is why our capital investments are always followed by our time, expertise, and talents. More than just capital – we are investing our full set of resources into your team

2. Key Relationships

More than just capital - AUXtc brings an immense network of key individuals to the table that can help provide critical relationships and introductions for the company to grow. Our networks become your networks.

3. Design Solutions

Often an overlooked element - we believe that excellent design solutions to communicate your brand to the world is critical to success. With AUXtc you’ll have access to top notch design and development talent who is focused on making your company look like it belongs with the best in the industry.

4. Knowledge & Expertise

With many years of experience starting, running, scaling, and selling companies – AUXtc brings a wealth of experience in order to fill the gaps in your team. It’s like gaining instant street cred overnight.

Your in Good Company

Meet some of the brands we’ve helped along the way

We take a consultative approach to how we invest in companies that are looking to extend a seed round, build traction and raise additional funds only if required. Area’s of interest include wearable technology, eCommerce & healthcare.

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Unique By Definition

What’s in a name? For us, it points to the core of our partnership mentality


1. a person or thing providing supplementary or additional help and support

“they shared auxiliary knowledge”

2. giving support; serving as an aid; helpful:

“the company was given auxiliary benefits”